Alien Grenade (EU2012)

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Alien Grenade
Alien Grenade

Although similar in function to the standard Frag grenade, the alien variant uses a more powerful explosive compound. Any artifacts caught in the blast radius will not be recoverable.

  • The Alien Grenade has the same blast radius as the Frag Grenade: roughly 2 tiles
  • Does 5 damage to all targets in blast area
  • Friendly targets in the blast area are affected
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required N/A
Base Costs N/A
Base Damage 5
Critical Damage None
Critical Chance None
Range 17 squares
Abilities None
  • It can be captured from Mutons, Sectoid Commanders, Heavy Floaters and Muton Elites when stunned with Arc Thrower, or killed while Mind Controlled.
  • Alien Grenades can be used as a more deadly alternative to Frag Grenades, but their number is limited to how many you acquired from the field until the Alien Grenades is developed at the Foundry.
    • Once this project is developed, Alien Grenades will become unlimited like normal Frag Grenades.
    • On the EW DLC, this project will also upgrade the Grenade Launcher of the MEC-2 suit.
  • Alien Grenades do not have to be researched and can be used immediately when acquired.
  • Using an Alien Grenade on a mission does not "spend" it. Meaning, if you had 4 Alien Grenades, equipped one and used it in the field, when returning to base, you will still have 4 Alien Grenades. The amount of Alien Grenades available in the stores should not actually be considered as your stock of grenades, but how many soldiers you can equip with grenades simultaneously (e.g.,: buying a Medikit allows it to be used indefinitely for the rest of the campaign, but a limited amount of times per mission).
  • Alien Grenades can only be lost if playing with Second Wave's Total Loss option enabled, where a soldier will lose all of its equipment if killed during a mission.

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