MEC-1 Warden (EU2012)

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MEC-1 Warden
  • The Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit, or MEC, has access to heavier primary weapons than unaugmented soldiers can use
  • As XCOM's MEC technology improves, MECs will gain access to a variety of useful upgrades
  • Soldiers must undergo cybernetic augmentation to become MEC Troopers before they can wear a MEC in combat
  • A MEC's combat profile is too large to make effective use of battlefield cover


Research Required Meld Recombination
Base Costs §25
40 Meld
Health +8
Defense +10
Movement 0
Will +10
Systems Kinetic Strike Module

Tactical Subsystems
System Description Tactical Info
Kinetic Strike Module
A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Also boosts mobility. *Powerful melee attack that can damage an enemy unit as well as any intervening cover
*Can knock most enemies back, causing additional environmental damage
*Supporting joint and skeletal reinforcements enhance the MEC's mobility, allowing it to close to melee range more easily
*Unlimited use, deals 12 maximum damage
*Increases movement by +4 points (3 tiles)
Allows MEC to lay waste to a cone-shaped area. Flame can spill outside the aiming area. *Devastating cone-shaped flame attack
*Burns the area the MEC can see and that is within the aiming template
*Flame will then spill up to 1 tile further, if unimpeded
*Does not affect robots or other flame-immune units
*Affected units will run in panic
*Can be used twice per mission, 6 maximum damage to units in the cone
  • The KSM has a maximum damage rating of 12 and the Flamethrower of 6. Both weapons damage can be increased by 50% through the MEC Close Combat and the Elerium Jelly Foundry projects, to 18 and 9 maximum damage, respectively.
  • The Kinetic Strike Module can be freely aimed (but must be next to target).
    • Custom kill animations against Mechtoids, Sectopods and Berserkers.
    • Notable kills: Cyberdiscs get knocked a few squares away, will explode where it lands. Ethereals won't explode. Thin Men release gas right away (but MEC Troopers are immune). Sectopod's explosion causes 5 HP damage to anything around it.
  • If two enemies are stuck on same tile (bug), Kinetic Strike Module will only damage/kill one enemy.
  • The Flamethrower does not work on mechanical or flying units. Flame takes time to damage cover. Red and yellow highlights on floor grid show area, affected units highlighted.
  • Later soldier armors provide immunity to fire, so you won't have to worry about roasting your allies then.

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