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Project NightshadeResults
Ghost Armor Research (EU2012).png

An advanced prototype based on our earlier Skeleton armor design, this variation makes use of our latest developments in the field of optical camouflage. By studying the unusual phasing behavior exhibited by the Hyperwave beacon, we've come to understand how this device is capable of existing outside of our visible plane. With this "phasing" behavior in mind, we've implemented several experimental metamaterials into the weave and structure of this suit's outermost layers. As a result, the "Ghost" armor provides near-invisibility to the wearer, allowing for enhanced evasion and infiltration capabilities in the field.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Ghost Armor

By integrating a stealth field based on the phase-shifts observed in the hyperwave beacon, this suit makes it extremely difficult for the wearer to be detected in the field. It should be noted, the stealth system is only effective when used by a soldier in cover.

  • Medium armor
  • Stealth systems allow wearer to become invisible
  • Ghost mode can be activated up to 4 times per battle
  • Activating Ghost Mode does not cost an action, nor end the soldier's turn
  • Provides a moderate bonus to Defense, equivalent to partial cover
  • Wearer's movement speed is increased
  • Grappling hook module has been adapted from the Skeleton Suit
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Ghost deco 1.jpg
Research Required Ghost Armor
Base Costs §250
40 Alloys
50 Elerium
40 Engineers
Health +6
Defense +20
Movement +3
Abilities Grapple
  • Unit can become invisible up to four times per mission.
  • Activating the stealth does not cost any actions nor end the turn. It's possible to use stealth multiple times in one turn, if you have the ability to act after attacking.
  • Invisibility lasts for 1 turn or until the unit fires. This could be on your turn or on the alien turn after firing from overwatch or due to Close Combat Specialist. If your soldier decloaks during the alien turn he may be attacked by any aliens that haven't yet used their actions.
  • When your turn starts your invisibility automatically ends, alerting enemies to your presence. This won't trigger Overwatch attacks, but you cannot continuously stay invisible for multiple turns even if you immediately activate Ghost again on the next turn.
  • Occasionally, Ghost Mode can fail, and aliens will be alerted to that soldier's presence after moving: Ghost Mode will immediately deactivate on the rare chance that this happens.
  • Enemies behave as if you don't exist while you are invisible. You won't trigger alien 'wake-up' actions when moving into their line of sight, and they won't try to attack you. (You may still end up hurt from explosions, etc.)
    • Civilians, however, can see you perfectly. You'll be able to trigger them in terror sites and Council missions.
  • Attacking from stealth adds +100% critical chance. Against some enemies, this still may not guarantee a critical hit.
    • With Second Wave's "Absolutely Critical", it can be 100%, even on Hardened enemies.
    • However, it's been reported that the Expansion Pack, Enemy Within, will reduce this to a +30% Crit bonus.
  • Despite not taking an action, activating Ghost Mode counts as manipulating an item, and thus cannot be used if you have already triggered an ability prohibiting item use, such as Run and Gun.
    • However, it is possible to activate Ghost Mode first, THEN activate Run and Gun.
  • If a soldier is suppressed then activating Ghost Mode will make the suppression stop.
  • Wearing Chitin Plating with Ghost armor will make it strong as Titan armor (+10 Health) plus the benefits of the added +20 Defense and no critical damage from melee attacks.
  • Research benefits from the following Research Credit: Armor Technology.
  • The Extra Conditioning ability gives +2 HPs when wearing this armor.
  • In Enemy Within, if a soldier has Mimetic Skin, they will not be able to use Ghost Mode, but they can still make use of the movement bonus and grappling hook.
  • On the EW DLC, this armor will also provide immunity to Poison attacks.

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