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Project Witchwood Results
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We've reached a point in our research of the aliens' Psionic abilities and their associated cybernetic implants that we're confident enough to begin preliminary tests of this technology on human subjects. Although the system we have in mind will require the use of a lightweight armor suit with reduced defensive capabilities, this "Psi-armor" should more than compensate by providing a significant boost to our soldiers psionic abilities.It is our hope that bolstering these abilities within our soldiers will provide new insights, as we seek to discover the source of the aliens' collective consciousness. We still don't fully understand the link between the visible psionic abilities we've seen exhibited by the aliens, and their use of psionics as a means of communication. I believe it's very likely we'll find a way to activate the Ethereal device if we can successfully fabricate this armor.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Psi Armor

Our most powerful armored suit, this equipment serves to amplify the wearer's psionic abilities through a system modeled after the alien's own cybernetic implants. However, it should be noted, this armor can only be equipped by a soldier found to have Psionic abilities.

  • Medium armor
  • Increases wearer's Will by 20 for psi attacks and defense
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Psi deco 1.jpg
Research Required Psi Armor
Base Costs §400
20 Alloys
40 Elerium
30 Engineers
Health +6
Defense +10
Movement +2
Abilities Will: +20
Psionic unit only
  • A psionic soldier wearing this armor is required to activate the Gollop Chamber. The soldier that uses the chamber must continue to wear Psi Armor for the final mission.
  • The Will bonus from this armor is generic, increasing the unit's psi offense and psi defense and all other benefits of higher Will.
  • Despite the Research Archives' ingame text it only gives an additional 20% chance to psi attacks/defense.
  • Research benefits from the following Research Credits: Armor Technology, Psionics.
  • The Extra Conditioning ability gives +2 HPs when wearing this armor.

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